What’s Good In South Jersey? School Based Youth Services – With Isaiah Showell

By: Isaiah S. Showell, Follow South Jersey Multimedia Journalist/’What’s Good’ Host

Corey Glenn with the kids of School Based Youth Services. Photo credit: Isaiah Showell.

PENNS GROVE, N.J. — Penns Grove High School has School Based Youth Services (SBYS) on campus and the director of this program is Herb Woodard who has been serving the student body for several years.

School Based Youth Services and Life Worth Living teamed up at Penns Grove High School to teach students life skills and provide mentorship. It’s What’s Good in South Jersey — with Isaiah Showell.

Life Worth Living is a non-profit organization that is ran by John Fuqua with one mission, to empower young people to lead long fulfilling lives. Both SBYS and Life Worth Living teamed up to tend to the youth at Penns Grove High School. The services provided include life skills and mentorship that most often outside of the high school walls is scarce for the student body.

Corey Glenn is the mentor taking the students through their lesson on association and how to be careful of who you spend most of your time with. As a youth Glenn was associated with a rough crowd and ended up being in an array of horrible circumstances. He wants to prevent the kids from having to face the things he had to face when he was a youth.

Viancy Morales is the youth development specialist at Penns Grove High School. Photo credit: Isaiah Showell.

“For the at-risk youth, I used to be them,” said Glenn. “Not only was I at risk, I actually fell victim, and I’m a proud resurgent. I’ve dedicated my life to making sure they don’t make the same mistakes that I and the likes of me made.”

Herb Woodard- Program Director for School Based Youth Services Penns Grove High School. Photo credit: Isaiah Showell.

The student body also has Viancy Morales, the youth development specialist who helps with counseling the students and above all listens to them when they need someone to talk to.

School Based Youth Services in located in 92 different learning institutions and now Penns Grove High School can be added to the list. Woodard, Morales along with Fuqua and Glenn, you are definitely What’s Good in South Jersey and awesome for serving the students at Penns Grove High School.    

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