Friday, September 22, 2023

Our Mission

Follow Local News provides local journalism for South Jersey. Highlighting our diverse communities, we foster transparency through robust, localized, and vital reporting that holds leaders and institutions accountable, addresses critical information needs, supports people in navigating civic life, and equips people with the information necessary to partake in effective community engagement. At Follow Local News, we value curiosity and ambition to discover and amplify stories that inspire change. Our outlet serves as a platform for diverse voices by shining a spotlight on the successes, challenges, plight, and needs of people living in South Jersey. By delving deep into critical social issues and serving as a bridge between our residents and our institutions, we give voice to our communities and tell the stories that impact our people and our lives. Our mission is simple: to connect, engage, and empower--empower ourselves, empower each other, and empower our communities.