SJ Small Business Spotlight: Chloe’s Creme Puffs Claims Best Creme Puffs In South Jersey

By: Morgan Reitzel, Follow South Jersey Intern

Chole’s Creme Puffs offers a variety of baked goods. Photo credit: Chloe’s Creme Puffs’ Facebook page.

PITMAN, N.J. – Chloe’s Creme Puffs located in Pitman, N.J., which opened five years ago, showers its customers with friendly smiles and care everytime they walk into the pastry shop by serving them delicious treats. 

Chloe Creme Puffs offers a variety of pastry goods on top of the delightful creme puffs such as vegan option pastries, scones, parfait, caramel apple cheesecake bars, croissants, jumbo cookies, custom cakes and seasonal muffins. Also, you can order your pastries online for pickup if you choose! 

Chloe’s Creme Puffs ready to be devoured. Photo credit: Chloe’s Creme Puffs Facebook page.

The proud owner, Ailson Lusardi , exclaims that her family owned pastry shop is named after her beloved cat Chloe and pictures of Chloe are even featured in the shop! The quaint shop makes guests feel right at home with carefully crafted bites and a comfortable bed side manner from employees. 

Rachel, a baker, describes that her “favorite thing about working at Chloe’s Creme Puffs is the environment and the management is pretty awesome. I love to interact with customers and make cream puffs every day.” 

Making creme puffs for over 15 years has been Lusardi’s passion and always dreamed of opening her own business and becoming her own boss Lusardi recalls that creating her own schedule works best for her and her family. Even though it was really difficult at times to create a work life balance when she first opened her shop, once she was able to hire more staff, she was able to balance her time more and spend valuable quality time with her daughter.

Despite Lusardi’s business booming with sales, she is always looking towards the future. Lusardi expresses that, “my hope for the future is to have a location down the shore in Ocean City or on the boardwalk. I want to have a place that is a seasonal spot that has high volume but doesn’t have to be open year-round in the next five years.” 

Chloe’s has been voted in 2017, 2018, 2020, and 2021 for best bakeries in South Jersey (Courier-Post) by their amazing customers. Additionally, Chloe’s Creme Puff was featured in New Jersey Magazine’s Best Bakeries Issue in May 2020, Best of SJ Magazine Gala in Sept. 2019, Best Bite Sized Desserts in April 2019 hosted by the Food Bank of South Jersey, and South Jersey Magazine in July 2019. 

Chloe’s Cream Puffs is located at 7 E. Holly Ave. in Pitman, and there phone number is (856) 589-2919.

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