What’s Good? — Balling While Running with Vision!

By: Isaiah Showell, Follow South Jersey Multimedia Journalist/’What’s Good’ Host

Victory in Christ Christian Center’s Run with Vision program. Photo credit: Isaiah Showell.

WESTVILLE, N.J. — Victory in Christ Christian Center is a church located in Westville, NJ, and they house several small groups and ministries including Run with Vision.

Run with Vision takes place at the Kroc Center in Camden and was founded by Jason Dabney who originally wanted to just have a men’s basketball fellowship but soon things would escalate.

“Originally I wanted a place where only men got together 10-12 guys to hoop and encourage each other through the storms of life,” said Dabney.

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“However there were some moms interested in the program and originally I told them we don’t have a program for kids but it didn’t feel right in my spirit so I opened it up to the moms that were interested and they had teenage sons and I said if you agree to help me find parents to use this program I’ll start the program for the kids.”

Dabney played basketball in high school but had to stop but he never lost his love for the game of basketball and now he shares that love with the youth while simultaneously showing off his leadership skills that really developed while starting his ministry.

“I struggled with seeing my worth, but when I come here, I use my creative gifts to plan and come up with things that make people’s lives better I started seeing myself in a different light,” Dabney said. “Over the years I began to see myself as a true leader, I always knew I had leadership in me, but I had nowhere to put it but then Run with Vision came and it’s definitely the place for leadership.”

A typical day with Run with Vision usually starts with warm-ups, a few laps around the gym or light stretching just to get the blood flowing then team practice comes, and it’s divided into levels: Level 1 for kids 5-7 years old, Level 1B for kids 8-10 years old, Level 2 for kids 10-14 years old, and Level 3 for kids 15-17 years old.

There’s a segment called Vision Talk where coaches spend a few moments sharing an encouraging word or theme for that day.

“Today’s word was steadfast the bible says be steadfast unmovable always abounding in the work of the Lord so they had to repeat that word a few times the coaches reinforced that word in the huddles so we have a way of holding them to the word of the day.”

Giselle Quintanilla and Hakeem Green help Jason with Run With Vision specifically with organizing and coaching the youth.

“It’s been the greatest couple months of my life,” said Green. “I get to work with the kids, I get to influence them, these are the things I didn’t have when I was younger and I enjoy it, I enjoy helping the youth and making them better with their game, mentally, and spiritually.”

“We are a ministry that uses basketball to draw the best gifts out of our kids and out of the community to bring families together for the expansion of the kingdom of God,” said Quintanilla. “I serve with Jason at our church Victory in Christ Christian Center so I knew about Run With Vision and we were talking and it was just an assignment God gave me, I know he called me here and my kids really enjoy it they love being at Run With Vision.”

The Children love Run With Vision too like Noah Waters and Hanilyah Williams. “My older brother was a part of this since it started, and I remember my I asked my mom where he was going, and she said Run With Vision, and I said, what is that,” said Waters. “It’s fun, my brother told me, you guys should come on over.”

“I would say just come out don’t let things around you make you scared,” said Williams. “Just come out it’s really fun, everyone is talking and bonding.”

To register for Run With Vision visit www.teamrunwithvision.org so you don’t miss out on anymore positivity happening at the Kroc Center. 

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