Covid Cases Drive Cedarville School To Remote Learning

By: Follow South Jersey Staff

Photo credit: Lawrence Township School District

CEDARVILLE, N.J. — Parents of students from Myron L. Powell School have been informed that students will be learning remotely until October 12.

In a letter to the school community, Shelley Magan, Chief School Administrator of the Lawrence Township School District, stated that the Cumberland County Health Department had recommended the closure due to large community spread of COVID-19 virus, low vaccination rates, as well as delays in testing results.

“We have 16 confirmed positive cases among our students,” Magan said in the letter, “and staff are waiting for multiple test results. Depending on where someone is tested, results are taking five days or longer. This also delays contact tracing and timely quarantining of students/staff.”

Ironically, Cumberland County has one of the lowest vaccination rates despite having a high number of vaccination sites per capita.

Magan also stated that all sports and extracurricular activities will meet remotely per coaches’ instructions.

“If circumstances should change, we will notify the school community immediately,” Magan stated.

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