What’s Good? Clothes Made For Walking — With Isaiah Showell

By: Isaiah S. Showell, Follow South Jersey Multimedia Journalist/’What’s Good’ Host

Charles Giddins helps out a customer. Photo credit: Isaiah Showell.

MOORESTOWN, N.J. — Charles Giddins has put his clothing line “Walk With HIM” on display at the Moorestown Mall.

The clothing line includes leggings, caps, t-shirts, and hoodies all branded with the “Walk With HIM” trademark. Giddins has been at his kiosk in the mall for nearly four months, serving the people of South Jersey his apparel along with an explanation of just who his customers are walking with, as well.

Charles Gibbins’ line of clothing “Walk With HIM” seeks customers and a greater purpose. It’s What’s Good in South Jersey — with Isaiah Showell.

“For me it’s walking with Jesus, walking with Christ, our God the one that created the universe and everything,” said Giddins. “That is why it’s in capital letters HIM. When people walk by in the mall, they see the cross and people are drawn to it.”

Giddens says he would continue making his apparel even if he saw or made no profit from it because he says the “Walk With HIM” movement is way bigger than he is.

“In the Bible it says she touched the hem of his garment, and it was powerful, and she was healed, and fashion can heal in a sense; its deeper than being cool and looking all nice, there’s a healing in what you’re wearing, you should watch what you listen to and watch what you wear, it all plays a part,” Giddins said.

 Loyal customers along with brand new customers visited Giddins’ kiosk in the mall and everyone seemed to like what was on display like both Nevaeh Barber and Melissa Goodspeed.

“It caught my attention because the clothes are so dope,” said Barber. “I don’t see too many people talking about Jesus in the mall, I feel like he’s doing something great.”

“Charles was great through my whole process of everything I needed; it was customized, the color was exactly what I wanted,” said Goodspeed. “He was so involved in the process that it made me feel like a valued customer. It’s a great message but also as an individual I was so taken care of.”

In order to reach Giddins to get your hands on some “Walk With HIM” apparel, follow “Walk With HIM” on social media by clicking here or take a stroll to Moorestown Mall and pay him a visit.

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