What’s Good? Words To Wear – with Isaiah Showell

By: Isaiah Showell, Follow South Jersey Multimedia Journalist/’What’s Good’ Host

Brenda Phillips, CEO of the non-profit We Care shows a hoodie as part of her new collection B Inspired, clothing with inspirational quotes. Photo by Isaiah Showell.

BLACKWOOD, N.J. — Brenda Phillips, CEO of the non-profit We Care who has a new venture called B Inspired Collection, has collaborated with Avenue Black to have a pop-up event at the Gloucester Outlets to showcase her new apparel. The new line has her original quotes stitched to each piece of her clothing.

What’s Good in South Jersey? Brenda Phillips’ new clothing collection B Inspired, inspiration you can wear — with Isaiah Showell.

“God said you change the world with your words and he gave me B Inspired,” said Phillips. “He gave me another avenue where my brand and words can reach other people. I work with youth, and I decided to put my own quotes that I’ve said on a t-shirt. It actually was once written in my journal.”

Phillips is no stranger to advocating for the youth because her non-profit We Care has been around for nine years, helping and empowering youth, especially young ladies, and some of the youth she has mentored helped her with the event.

“I have mentored thousands of kids and when they reach back out to me, that’s my payback,” said Phillips. “When they say you were the only person who believed in me and we thank you for believing in us, that’s worth more than gold.”

Tiyyana Murrey is one of Phillips’ mentees and throughout the years their bond has become so strong they consider each other sisters.

“I remember just crying some days and she was always there with advice,” said Murrey. “Now I’m going to be there as much as I can for her because she definitely got me through some hard times. I probably would’ve gone down a bad path if it wasn’t for her.”

Bucket hats, socks, t-shirts, and hoodies are available at the pop-up event all labeled with the B Inspired trademark, and co-founder of Avenue Black Charles Jay fully supports Phillips and her brand because it is similar to his own.

“I love her authentic energy and what she does for the community and speaking in the schools,” Jay said. “It aligns with everything I do. It’s great to collaborate with someone like her because her goals and dreams are about more than herself; she wants to inspire millions of people and millions of kids.”

Phillips and her B inspired Collections can be found at Binspiredcollections.com.

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