What’s Good — Village Market Produce Truck Offers Health Food At Affordable Price

By: Isaiah Showell, Follow South Jersey Multimedia Journalist/”What’s Good” Host

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. — Though it isn’t in South Jersey, the Village Market Produce Truck in West Philly is well worth a trip over the bridge and into the Keystone State.

The truck is run by Malik Sibibe, who inherited the business from his father a few years ago. He’s developed a passion for providing healthy, affordable food options to community members, and that’s exactly what his truck does.

“We have a couple different kind of apples, one type of orange right now, one type of mango, couple different melons, cantaloupes, sweet peppers, hot peppers, a few different herbs — cilantro, parsley, ginger — cauliflower, onions, potatoes, a few exotic things,” Sibibe said. “We have a little bit of everything.”

Sibibe’s truck is located on the corner of 44th St. and Sansom St. in West Philadelphia. Local residents really enjoy the quality of the truck’s produce, but it also offers better prices than supermarkets in the area and the convenience of being right on the street corner.

“I live, like, not even a full block away,” one community member said. “So I can kind of just see what they have from my balcony. It’s amazing to be able to kind of make decisions on the fly, like, ‘I want to cook peppers today,’ and I can go buy some and know they’ll be good.”

“He’s been consistent for years — always here,” another community member added. “Instead of going to the supermarket, I’d rather come here to patronize a man with good quality food.”

You can place orders or check out all the fresh produce the Village Market Produce Truck has to offer by checking out its Instagram account.

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