New Jersey Economic Development Authority’s PPE Access Program Deadline Extended

By: Michael Mandarino, Follow South Jersey Managing Editor

Photo: Jon Bradley | Follow South Jersey

SOUTH JERSEY — The New Jersey Economic Development Authority’s personal protective equipment (PPE) access program, which allows small businesses to receive discounts on purchases of PPE, has been extended until May 28.

The program was extended to May 28 or whenever funds allocated for it are exhausted — whichever comes first.

The program allows for businesses with fewer than 101 full-time employees to receive discounts of up to 65% when purchasing PPE for their employees to use. More than 10,000 small businesses have saved a total of $9 million since the program was launched last year, and the state has created a website for businesses to use when purchasing PPE.

All businesses in the state can get a 10% discount on personal protective equipment, but smaller businesses can apply for a much larger discount. If your small business has already applied and been approved for the larger discount, there’s no need to re-apply before the May 28 deadline.

If you aren’t sure whether or not your business needs personal protective equipment, the state has also created a website to help you gauge that need.

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