Rowan College of South Jersey Offering Job Training Resources

By: Arianna Adan, Writer / Follow South Jersey Higher Education Intern

(Photo courtesy of Hopeloft)

SEWELL, N.J. — Rowan College of South Jersey (RCSJ) is offering job training resources for those who are unemployed as the state’s coronavirus restrictions are slowly being lifted.

As of July 1, the Department of Labor and Workforce Development is lengthening the benefits to New Jersey’s unemployed workers. You can find more important information on the new job training programs here.

Approximately 1.3 million workers in New Jersey have filed for unemployment since the coronavirus pandemic arrived in the United States in March. As the state begins to lift restrictions and businesses start to reopen again, RCSJ is offering people in this devastating position free access to some of its courses.

Cumberland and Gloucester residents who filed for unemployment can access 120 academic programs through the university’s Unemployment Tuition Waiver. The state of New Jersey provided funding so those who use the tuition waiver can take college courses for free, and you can apply for this program here.

These classes can help workers move forward in their chosen career — even while the pandemic stalls so much across the country. You can visit RCSJ’s official website for more information about these job training resources for unemployed individuals.

There are many career paths, degrees, and certificates to look at. The unemployment tuition waiver could prove to be a life saver for some. These steps can not only guide those who are returning to the workforce, but they may also motivate and inspire people to get back on track and achieve great things — even during unprecedented times.

This article was produced by a Follow South Jersey news intern thanks to a grant provided by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation through the New Jersey Health Initiatives program to create hyper-local news to meet the informational and health needs of the City of Bridgeton, N.J.