UPDATE: Parts of Wildwood Crest Ocean Closed Due to Malfunction in Treatment Center

Photo courtesy of Wildwood Crest Facebook page.

UPDATE: The ocean in Wildwood Crest is now open to the public after water quality tests results showed that the affected areas from Miami Avenue to Jefferson Avenue were clean, according to Kevin Thomas, Cape May County Public Health Coordinator.

Below is the original story:

WILDWOOD CREST – A one-mile stretch of ocean in Wildwood Crest is closed due to untreated wastewater in the ocean.

The closure took effect on the afternoon of Monday, July 1st, and is expected to last until the morning of Tuesday, July 2nd.

The affected areas include Miami Avenue through Jefferson Avenue, which is equivalent to about the southern third of the Wildwood Crest beachfront.

The beaches in the area are currently opened to the public.

Officials from the Cape May County Municipal Utilities Authority’s Seven-Mile Treatment Center discovered a malfunction at the site. The last of three phases in its wastewater treatment system failed to trigger from sometime Sunday afternoon through Monday morning for treated water funneled through an outfall line that extends one mile into the ocean at Jefferson Avenue in Wildwood Crest.

The Cape May County Department of Health is expected to have the results of its most recent water quality tests by Tuesday morning, July 2nd. If the tests are within acceptable limits, the ocean will be reopened to the public.