Camden County Police Officers Honored for Teamwork in Apprehending Armed Suspects

CAMDEN, N.J. – The Camden County Police Department recognized this week six officers for their teamwork in apprehending two armed suspects:  Officers Vaughn Edwards, Jimmy Mercado, Vincenzo Dolce, Urbano Concepcion, Robert Alter and Benjamin Quinones.

Officers Concepcion joined the Camden County Police Department in 2014, Officer Edwards in 2015, Officer Mercado in 2016 and Officers Dolce, Alter and Quinones in 2017. All six officers serve in the department’s Neighborhood Response Team.

According to a Camden County Police Department press release, on the night of June 10 at approximately 10:30 P.M., officers received information about two armed suspects in the area of 4th and Royden streets. Officers Mercado and Edwards were on patrol in that area and soon observed two individuals matching the description in the area of 3rd and Royden.

Officers Dolce, Concepcion, Alter and Quinones arrived in the area and using de-escalation techniques, were able to place both suspects under arrest without incident. The suspects were found to be in possession of two illegal firearms – a loaded, fully automatic submachine gun and a loaded handgun. Both suspects were charged with multiple offenses and remanded to the Camden County Jail.

“The quick actions taken by these officers to locate and arrest these suspects removed an extremely powerful and deadly weapon from the community,” Lieutenant John Martinez said.