Construction of New Voorhees Animal Orphanage Underway

A rendering of the New Voorhees Animal Orphanage. Photo courtesy of Voorhees Animal Orphanage.

VOORHEES, N.J. – The construction of the new Voorhees Animal Orphanage (VAO) facility is now underway.

The new 8,900 sq. foot facility will be built in phases to minimize any disruptions to VAO’s animal residents.

Phase 1 will include 42 dog kennels, which is 50% larger than the current kennel, a mechanical room, and an exercise room with treadmills for dogs. VAO officials anticipate the new building will be open by the end of this year.

Phase One of the consturction of the new Voorhees Animal Orphanage is underway. Photo courtesy of Voorhees Animal Orphanage.

In a press release, Marketing Director for the VAO, Jen Bailey wants people to know that the VAO is open during the construction of the new building.

“We’re excited that our dream facility is finally coming together,” Bailey said. “Throughout the construction process, VAO will be OPEN – we encourage people to stop in and meet our adorable cats and dogs who are up for adoption.”

The VAO has saved more than 30,000 cats and dogs since its inception. “This new facility will help us to efficiently continue our mission of providing loving care to our cats and dogs until we can find them their forever homes,” David Semless, president of the VAO Board of Directors said.

The new VAO shelter will include:

  • Dog kennels that are 50% larger
  • Separate cat and dog meet-and-greet rooms
  • “Cat Colonies” – space that will allow cats to socialize with each other
  • Separate cat area with a larger cat room– offering cats their own sanctuary
  • Six ventilation systems to improve cleanliness and reduce the spread of germs and common shelter illnesses such as upper respiratory infections
  • Two separate dog kennel wings with a dedicated quarantine area for dogs who are sick or recovering from surgery
  • Separate space for medical examinations
  • A larger, more accommodating lobby to welcome guests and facilitate adoptions
  • A laundry room, feed room, and utilities room
  • Lunchroom for staff that will also serve as meeting space
  • Storage space for pet food and supplies

To make donations to the VAO’s Building for A Positive Future campaign visit