Primrose School Students Shoot Shots to Raise Funds

Teachers and staff at Primrose School of Cherry Hill used March Madness as a way to get active and give back at the same time by transformed the school’s hallways in hardwood courts and had hoops of all sizes and heights so all of the school’s children could participate.

Infants through Kindergarten students got the chance to earn a penny per shot for each successful basket, raising $145 for Hold the Door for Others, a local non-profit group founded by a current family at the school after they lost a loved one on 9/11.

One of the school’s students lost her grandfather after he made it out of the South Tower but went back in to hold the door for others. He was never found. Today, Hold the Door for Others provides resources and opportunities to inspire people to grow in healthy ways when faced with adversity.

 “At Primrose, we believe who children become is as important as what they know so we’re always looking for ways to bring to life lessons on compassion and giving,” said Ankit Patel, Franchise Owner of Primrose School at Cherry Hill.

“As parents and family members gather this weekend for the Final Four, we wanted our students to have a relatable experience. Everyone, from our infants to our Kindergarteners, had a great time being active and shooting hoops, and they did it knowing that each winning basket would help make a difference for others,” Patel said.

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