FY25 Community Resource Development Funds Announced by CSOC and CGS Family Partnership

By: Follow South Jersey Staff

SEWELL, N.J. – Community Resource Development (CRD) funds up to nearly $68,000 are being made available for the 2025 fiscal year,
the New Jersey Department of Children and Families (NJDCF), Children’s System of Care (CSOC), and CGS Family Partnership, Inc. (CGS) have announced.

Applicants can apply for funding amounts up to $67,697.70, with funding being contingent on the sufficiency of the request and the availability of CSOC funding. Founded in October 2005, CGS Family Partnership, Inc. (CGS) is the Care Management Organization for Cumberland, Gloucester, and Salem Counties. CGS serves children, adolescents, and young adults from age 5 up to their 21st birthday. As a Care Management Organization, CGS coordinates the care and services each participant receives and creates individualized service plans utilizing a team-based approach predicated on the strengths of the family, their team of supports, and their community.

Those interested in applying can follow this link to find the Request for Proposals.

“CGS’s mission is to maintain the children and youth we serve safely in their home, in their schools, and in their communities by providing
support, education, and advocacy, and connecting them to appropriate services and resources,” CGS Family Partnership, Inc. Director of Community Resources James Sampson said in a press release. “We do this by building a team of supports comprised of family, friends, and community partners all working toward the youth and family’s well being.”

All submitted proposals will be scored on their merit, but CGS explained that they have an affinity for programs that can provide their services in Cumberland, Gloucester, and Salem Counties. CGS is a tri-county organization and seeks to help as many families as they can with impactful programs. Final decisions regarding grant awards will be at the discretion of CSOC. CRD funds cannot be used to acquire or maintain fixed assets, such as: land, buildings, vehicles, and equipment.

For more information on requests for proposals, follow this link or contact Director of Community Resources James Sampson by email at jsampson@cgscmo.org or by phone at 856-341-6453. You may also contact Community Resource Manager Ronald Hudak by email at rhudak@cgscmo.org or by phone at 856-341-6439.

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