Student Story: Twitter Has Become X

By: Spencer Barrett, Gateway Regional High School, Woodbury Heights

SOUTH JERSEY — After owning Twitter for almost a year now, Elon Musk has made the interesting decision to change Twitter’s name to…X. After this very unexpected change, users of the app were both upset and confused. Taking an app that has existed for so long and just completely rebranding it for seemingly no reason will obviously make avid users react strongly. Many users have come up with a theory as to why Musk decided to make this change.

Users have pointed out that Musk seems to have an infatuation for the letter X. People have used examples, such as his companies, SpaceX and xAI, some even going as far as to bring up what he named his son, X Æ A-12. It’s an interesting theory, but not Musk’s reason. The real rationale behind this name change is that back before PayPal was named PayPal, it was called, believe it or not, It ended up being updated to PayPal, and so, Elon had the opportunity to rebrand the name Not knowing what to do with the newfound name as users suggest, Musk simply decided to change the name of the company he purchased. Twitter thus became X.

Many think it was pointless and quite random, and that nothing was wrong with the name Twitter, it had already been very popularized. People have also wondered about the future of the term Tweet. Will it just change to post? Or Xeet? Or X? X will definitely take some getting used to for its users.

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