Taylor Swift And The NFL: Perfect Together No Matter What Anyone Says

Commentary By: Olivia Armstrong, Follow South Jersey Intern

Taylor Swift is taking over the world… literally. Her Eras Tour consisted of 146 concerts across five continents, and as if that wasn’t enough, she added a second leg to her United States tour and a movie that came out Friday, October 13.

I am a huge fan of Taylor Swift, I always have been and always will be. I grew up listening to Swift, her music to me and many other Swifties is very moving. Not only is her music catchy with good meanings, but she writes all of her music herself. Swift has 237 songs released and 10 albums, with more to come.

She has gone through some unimaginable issues but would come back stronger every time. Many people don’t know this, but a few of Swift’s first albums are not actually hers, they are Scooter Braun, from Big Machine Records, which means Braun has all of the rights to her music. So Swift took things into her own hands, and re-records every album that she doesn’t own so she can have the rights to them, and names them “Taylors Version.”

Swift’s relationships are always known to her fans, paparazzi can’t seem to stay away or give her privacy. But because of that, her new relationship (that is not confirmed yet) with Kansas City Chiefs tight end, Travis Kelce has been opened to the public, and not only that but she is also taking over the NFL world now. She has attended four Kansas City Chiefs games, and the reporters always make it known and flash the cameras on Swift in the suite with Travis Kelce’s mom, and every time Kelce scores a touchdown they show Swift cheering for him. The NFL has now made their bio on Instagram and TikTok “Swift was here.” To many, this is awesome, but some people can’t stand it. 

Derek Jones, Rowan Radio Station Manager, has strong thoughts on Swift and her being the face of the NFL. Jones said that Swift is the biggest star in entertainment right now, and finds it incredibly talented that she can fill NFL stadiums concert after concert with her fans. Her entering the NFL world and showing her face at many games with the reporters making it known that she is there is a very interesting dynamic, Jones said. 

“I think they are more than happy to have her show interest in the NFL,” Jones said. “She brings new eyeballs to the league because of her fanbase, which will increase female viewership potentially for the NFL.” 

According to Jones, Swift being at the games is a bigger win for the NFL than it is for her, because she already has a fanbase that is loyal and has been long established.

On the other hand, Cameron Paventi, business analyst at Fiserv, has very opposite thoughts and views towards Swift. Paventi has listened to plenty of her music due to his girlfriend being a huge fan, and thinks she is a talented artist, but cannot stand her being the face of the NFL. 

“As an avid NFL fan for the last 15+ years, I would say it is frustrating to see the amount of constant publicity she has gotten surrounding the NFL,” Paventi said. “I’m hoping the hype dies down soon because it really has nothing to do with the sport.” 

Paventi thinks it’s completely bizarre that her face is all over the Chiefs games when they score a touchdown, and as an NFL fan and not a Swiftie, he skips her songs when they come on the radio now.

Taylor Swift is an icon, and her being involved with the NFL is a great look for both. Her talents are through the roof, she is unstoppable. Luckily I will get the chance to see her perform at the Eras Tour twice in 2024, in London and Miami, and I have truly never been so excited for something in my life.

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