More Funds For Behavioral Health Services For Students And Families On Medicaid

By: Paige Britt, Follow South Jersey Intern

SOUTH JERSEY – New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy recently signed a bill that will increase expenses used towards behavioral health services provided to students and their families if they are on Medicaid. 

New Jersey’s K-12 public schools may receive reimbursement for any money they have put out towards behavioral health services of students. 

The Division of Medical Assistance and Health Services and its contracted managed care organizations will be in charge of reimbursing schools for the cost of behavioral health services given to students who are covered by Medicaid. There is currently a program in place called the Special Education Medicaid Initiative. This program reimburses public school districts a portion of the costs used to provide health-related services to students covered by Medicaid in special education programs. 

Governor Murphy explained the importance of expanding the accessibility of mental health care to students in New Jersey. 

“It’s undeniable that many young people are facing mental health challenges right now and would benefit from the support of compassionate, trained professionals,” Governor Murphy stated. “Through the work of my Administration, in collaboration with local, state, and national partners, we are taking decisive action to address the mental health needs of our youth. By ensuring schools will be reimbursed for the provision of behavioral health care services to students covered by Medicaid, this legislation will advance our ongoing efforts to expand affordability and access to the mental health support New Jersey children need.”

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