Atlantic City Man Found Guilty For Shooting At Pleasantville Football Game

By: Morgan Reitzel, Follow South Jersey Intern

Photo credit: Pleasantville High School website.

MAYS LANDING, N.J. – Alvin Wyatt from Atlantic City, (35), has been found guilty of shooting and murdering 10 year-old boy Micah “Dew” Tennant-Dunmore on July 27, 2023, along with other charges, during a Pleasantville High School football game in November 2019.  

According to the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office, Wyatt was charged with three counts of attempted murder and weapon charges. It is unknown how much time he will spend in prison, if he gets probation or up for the possibility of parole. 

There were five men being charged in connection with the shooting and their target was 27- year-old Ibn Abdullah. It is unknown why Wyatt and the others wanted to harm Abdullah. 

There were three wounded including Abdullah, a 15-year-old minor with a graze wound, and Tennant-Dunmore who was shot in the neck and later died at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia despite having emergency treatment at the field and multiple surgeries. Tennant-Dunmore was attending the football game with his mother and his sister. 

Wyatt was arrested by Pleasantville police officers as he attempted to flee and went to the game originally after learning that his target would be watching the game in the bleachers. 

Michael Mack, 27; Tyrell Down, 28; Shahid Dixon; 27, all of Pleasantville; and Vance Golden, 26, of Atlantic City were connected in the shooting all facing weapon charges and Dixon is being charged with eluding the police. 

Micah “Dew” Tennant-Dunmore’s mother, Angela Tennant, later sued the Pleasantville Board of Education and others alleging that the school district failed to put safe measures in place at the football stadium such as metal detectors whereas there has been a history of violent incidents  Fortunately, a GoFundMe campaign has raised more than $36,000 for the Tennant-Dunmore family. 

During the shooting, many terrified bystanders and players knocked down fences to escape the field and some young children were separated from their parents. 

Jonathan Diego, a coach for the Pleasantville youth football team, who happened to be at the game with his friend, Tyner, a retired paramedic, who gave first aid to Micah “Dew” Tennant-Dunmore until the ambulance came. 

“He applied pressure to the little boy’s wounds on his neck, trying to slow down the bleeding until the ambulance could come up,” Diego said.

Tyner said in a statement “unlike some of the shootings that have occurred on school premises throughout the country, this incident had nothing to do with the students of Pleasantville High School or Camden High School. The football game simply presented an opportunity for criminals to pursue their own form of petty vengeance against one another. As a result, an innocent child was caught and injured in their crossfire.”

“High school playoff football should be a cause for community celebration, not the backdrop for panic and terror,” said Gov. Phil Murphy in a statement. 

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