Small Business Spotlight: Fahrenheit Fires Up Ceramics

By: Paige Britt, Follow South Jersey Intern

Fahrenheit Ceramic Studio is located at 8 S Broadway in Pitman. Photo credit: Fahrenheit Ceramic Studio Facebook page.

PITMAN, N.J. – The quaint town of Pitman  was founded in 1871. What began as a meeting place for Methodist ministers blossomed into a developed town before their very eyes. By 1890 there were restaurants, a post office, a butcher’s shop, an ice cream parlor, and nearly 400 homes. By 1900 the residents felt the community had grown big enough to be recognized as such. On May 24, 1905, Governor Edward C. Stokes signed the bill authorizing Pitman borough. 

Now, Pitman is a bustling community with a charming main strip full of shops, restaurants, and a theater. One of the most colorful, eye-catching buildings on the strip is Fahrenheit Ceramic Studio. 

Established in 2014, Fahrenheit Ceramic Studio offers patrons a place to pick out a ceramic and design and paint it. The owner, Patti Forte, has been painting ceramics since 1980 and brought Fahrenheit to life on July 25, 2014. 

“I’ve always had a love of ceramic painting and pottery and I felt like my home town of Pitman needed something like this to provide people with something to do,” Forte said. 

Forte described the draw that people have to Pitman and why it is the perfect place for her business. 

“I’ve lived in Pitman for 30 years,” she said. “Pitman is a small town that everybody seems to be attracted to for its friendly atmosphere and small town, close knit feel.” 

Forte went on to explain the importance of small businesses like her own in Pitman. 

“They build a good community spirit, promote the town, attract more people, and encourage people to move here and potentially start their own businesses,” Forte explained. 

When asked what Forte loves the most about Fahrenheit Ceramic Studio, she could not pick just one thing. 

“I just love the whole vibe. I love creating art, I love helping people create art, and I love creating a space for people to create memories. Every time I walk through the door I get a really excited feeling, and I love my staff.” 

Fahrenheit Ceramic Studio is located at 8 S Broadway in Pitman. To visit call 856-269-4931 to reserve a spot. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram @fahrenheit_ceramic_studio.

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