Community Comes Together At Harrison Township Day

By: Sophia Abene, Follow South Jersey Intern

Live music entertained the crowd at Harrison Township Day. Photo credit: Sophia Abene.

MULLICA HILL, N.J. – Residents of Harrison Township stepped into a day of joyous celebration at Harrison Township Day on June 3, 2023, right in the heart of Mullica Hill on Main Street.

Attendees of Harrison Township Day browse the venders along Main Street in Mullica Hill. Photo credit: Sophia Abene.

Harrison Township Day is an annual celebration that embraces a lively atmosphere as the community comes together to support local businesses, eat an aroma of delicious food, partake in multiple entertainment activities, and engage with an overall sense of unity that binds the community together. The night ends off with beautiful fireworks, a great way to wrap up a successful fun-filled evening, sponsored by Inspira Health. Sponsors can be found on their Facebook page. 

Small business owners find a deep sense of appreciation for Harrison Township Day to promote their businesses and come together in unicense in support of each other. Genny Gramaglia is the owner of Serendipity, a gift shop/ clothing shop on Main Street that has been around for around three years. Serendipity holds products, items, and brands that are not in big box stores. Genny’s 

goal is to “hit all economic demographics,” so no matter income everyone has a place in her store. There is so much variety. 

“I think that having these events brings the community together. It shows towns working with the local businesses gives us exposure,” Gramaglia said. “We feel more celebrated as small business owners because they are hosting events here in town which are more beneficial for us.” 

Even well known celebrities could be spotted along Main Street at the Harrison Township Day! Photo credit: Sophia Abene.

This sense of community has turned any competition between the multiple small businesses into a united pack. 

“Recently, we just joined forces with the other three clothing stores on Main Street, we came up with Main Street Fashion, and we did a Main Street Fashion crawl a few months ago,” Gramaglia said. “We feel the more the businesses bind and work together the more people feel comfortable. We want to show there’s more on the avenue and I want to send customers to try another location.”

Another small business is celebrating their first Harrison Township day, Crave owned by Ruth and Jim Bianco. The Crave Cottage holds all different flavored cookies and more sweet treats! 

“We got the opportunity to take Crave to Mullica Hill and it is a great way to grow and expand our business,” Jim Bianco said. “This is our first Harrison Township Day and anytime there is an event it is a great way to get information out there about our business and have people try our product.” 

Another welcoming feature of Harrison Township day is its family friendly atmosphere. There are so many activities for parents to keep their children occupied. 

“My kids look forward to these community events every year,” Mullica Hill resident Stephanie Caira said. “They get so excited to see their friends and do all of the little crafts Harrison Township Day offers. One of my favorite parts is the Harmony Fire Department’s interactions with the kids. Children look up to the fire and police departments so watching their engagement with the children makes parents very proud to be a part of this community.”

As the sun set on Harrison Township Day, we said goodnight to a day filled with cherished memories, and a strengthened sense of community. The laughter and joy that filled the air, reminding us of all of the greatness within the township. 

Gratitude was extended to all who contributed to the success of this remarkable event, the organizers, volunteers, sponsors, local businesses, and residents who came together to make this day special. 

Until we gather again for next year’s Harrison Township Day, we continue to take pride in an amazing community.

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