Center For Family Services Works To Keep Families From Falling Into Crisis

By: Nazmul Noyim, Follow South Jersey Intern

Center for Family Services office in Camden. The nonprofit has offices located in Camden, Egg Harbor Township, East Orange, Washington, Ewing, and are headquartered in Voorhees. Photo credit: Center for Family Services Facebook page.

SOUTH JERSEY — Center for Family Services is a non-profit social service organization in New Jersey that provides support and resources for families to prevent them from falling into crisis situations. And they have a safe space for individuals and families in need of help.

“Families and individuals can get linked to resources and create social networking with the community,” Associate Vice President of Center for Family Services Nicole Sheppard said. “There are events that address family health, employment planning, housing services, and child and parent activities.”

Family Success Center (FSC) is a facility that is part of Center for Family Services and they are all around New Jersey, with at least one facility in every county. They are a part of family services that focus on child abuse prevention, building family and community connections, and focus on family security and stability.  

All of the branches are funded by the state except for Building Bridges in Clementon, and Promise Neighborhood in Camden. Those are funded by Center for Family Services  Both of these facilities hold community based events where families come together to build a network, and get necessary resources. Some of the free services that FSC offers for the community include parenting workshops, life skills training, job search/resume building/interview tips, cross cultural family dinners, budgeting and family goal setting, parent-child activities, and housing related services.

“All of our facilities have different types of events every weekday that are family-centered,” Building Bridges Program Director Enrique Arreola said. “But we have a constant theme on certain days like on Mondays it is career related activities, on Wednesdays it is fitness related, and on Fridays we have TED Talks.”

In May, there will be events that are relevant during the month, such as, Mothers Day and Cinco de Mayo. And family dinner night will be on the third Thursday just as it is every month. They will also be focusing on mental health this month so most of the TED Talks will be on that issue. To find out about more events, see Building Bridges event calendar.

“All of the facilities have different events for different communities based on their needs,” Sheppard said. “We do research on what is needed most in a certain community and we try to have more events related to that.”

For more information reach out to Nicole Sheppard, Associate Vice President of Center for Family Services at 856-916-8532 or email at For information on any events reach out to the Program Director Enrique Arreola at 856-309-1019 or email at

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