Virtua To Hold Free Women’s Health Webinars Throughout 2023

By: Savannah Scarborough, Follow South Jersey Intern

Virtua Marlton Hospital. Photo credit: Virtual Health.

MARLTON, N.J. – Virtua Health recently announced its plan to hold free women’s health webinars on ‘unfiltered, interactive chats with medical experts’ throughout 2023. These meetings typically gather monthly, online on Thursdays at 7 p.m., and advanced registration is required online. 

With busy schedules and not enough downtime, Virtua Health has recognized that many women have questions about their health and their families but not enough time to seek answers. 

According to an MDVIP survey seeking answers about Women’s Health IQ in America, 94 percent of women failed the Health IQ quiz ( In fact, 91 percent of women don’t know heart disease is the number one killer of women, 81 percent don’t know pap test only screens for cervical cancer, 73 percent don’t know lack of sleep can damage the brain, and 69 percent don’t know that drinking alcohol increases the risk of breast cancer ( 

Knowing these concerning results, Virtua Health will hold hour-long sessions called “Real Talk! Women’s Health Chats” five times throughout the year that will cover topics ranging from mental health, heart health, sexual wellness, digestive health, and more. 

Virtua Health states specific topics women may come across during the webinars include heart-health/sleep connection, addressing back pain, mind-heart benefits of yoga, and feeling great after age 60. 

Virtua’s vice president of clinical operations for Women’s Services, Dr. Nicole Lamborne, said, “Real Talk helps us meet people where they are with their health needs. It offers the type of honest conversation, information and guidance many women are looking for. The sessions are also enjoyable and entertaining – almost like chatting with a friend, but one who’s a healthcare professional.” 

These webinars include doctors like Dr. Lamborne herself and other medical experts who intend on sharing important information and advice and answering questions that women who join can submit online. Each webinar typically includes two Virtua experts. 

Virtua Health women’s health webinars are not entirely new. The program’s initiative took place in 2020, at the height of the pandemic, as a safe and easy way to help women care for themselves during those trying times and to stay on top of their health. 

With Virtua Health women’s webinars proving to be so helpful throughout the years, Virtua is offering a new free program in June 2023 for men called “Real Talk…for Men.” According to a MedicalNewsToday article, a national survey conducted in May 2022 showed that one-third of men in America do not believe they need their annual health screenings. 

The idea is similar to that of the women’s webinars in that this program will focus on how men can stay healthy, despite many opinions that disagree with what doctors have to say. The focus of the men’s sessions will close in on routine screenings and foods that are best for gut health.

According to the Virtua Health website, the first “Real Talk…for Men” webinar is scheduled for Thursday, February 16, at 7 p.m. and will highlight specific topics such as sleep and its benefits for the heart. 

To find a schedule of dates for Virtua Health’s women’s webinars and what the topics for that month will be, visit 

To learn more about Virtua Health’s “Real Talks,” visit to fill out a form to register for upcoming events and watch previously recorded webinars from past years. Furthermore, an alternative way to tune into the webinars is by radio if you turn to WXTU 92.5 with Nicole Michalik. 

Taking care of your health and learning more about looking and feeling better is always a positive contribution to your life. Visit Virtua Health to start your new healthcare journey and become more educated on taking care of yourself.

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