Historic Tourism Has Significant Economic Impact New Study Finds

By: Connor Mason, Follow South Jersey Intern

Historic Downtown District of Bridgeton. Photo credit: Isaiah Showell.

SOUTH JERSEY – The Historic Trust of New Jersey recently announced a study that “measured spending by visitors to heritage sites in New Jersey, the on-site spending at heritage sites and off-site spending at other businesses in the local community, as well as total economic impacts,” according to a press release from the NJ Department of Community Affairs. The study is called the “Heritage Tourism of New Jersey” and has found that almost 10 million people have visited which means $3.9 billion has been found which resulted in creating 50,000 jobs.

The Garden State has a staple and a foundation in historical and cultural sites, which attract 9.9 million visitors in total, according to Heritage Tourism Resources. These sites include museums, theaters, archaeological sites, agricultural and industrial buildings, and even small towns with a lot of history. 

Dorothy Guzzo, the director of the Trust Committee, says that this remains the state’s strength, and why the economy continues to trend upwards.

“The report illustrates the tremendous positive impact that heritage tourism has on the state’s economy and demonstrates why we need to continue to invest and strengthen New Jersey’s historic sites,” Guzzon stated.

The New Jersey Historic Trust has been around since 1967 and the idea is to continue to pass on the history and traditions of New Jersey that goes back hundreds of years. 

These tourist attractions have provided the education and resources that carry on the legacy of the Garden State and will continue to do so. Any further information can be found at www.njht.org/.

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