Salem County Agencies Collaborate In Creating Special Needs Registry

By: Follow South Jersey Staff

Quinton (Salem County) Volunteer Rescue Squad vehicles. Photo credit: Quinton Volunteer Rescue Squad Facebook page.

SALEM, N.J. — Salem County has created a Special Needs Registry as a voluntary service open to anyone who lives in Salem County that is affected in some way by a physical, mental, or developmental disability.

Through the collaboration of the Salem County Department of Health and Human Services, the Salem County Prosecutor’s Office, the Salem County Sheriff’s Office, and the Salem County Office of Emergency Management, the registry information will be used if an emergency arises. A dispatch will notify emergency responders of a person’s disability to better assist the registrant in their response.

When an individual registers themselves or a loved one, the information is shared with Salem County dispatch. If an emergency were to occur, dispatch can share these crucial details, a current photo, and emergency contact information with first responders. This registry will communicate Salem County resident’s special needs information and enable the best possible response and utilization of resources.

For information or to register yourself or a loved one, visit If you need assistance registering, please contact Jenna Hogate 856-935-7510 x8403 or by email at

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