County Officials Offer Firework Safety Tips For People And Pets Alike

By: Follow South Jersey Staff

CLAYTON, N.J. — Ahead of the July 4th holiday, the Office of the Fire Marshal would like to offer tips on how to stay safe while enjoying your festivities.

“It is extremely important to practice the correct safety precautions while enjoying your holiday,” said Commissioner Director Robert M. Damminger. “The Office of the Fire Marshal has advised that ground based sparkling devices and novelties are now legal in New Jersey, but there are a few safety tips to follow.”

Aerial fireworks are still prohibited in the State of New Jersey.

Firework safety tips include:


Only ignite fireworks outdoors and away from houses and buildings 

Always read and follow label directions, warnings and instructions prior to use

Be considerate of your neighbors 

Light only one firework at a time 

Never try to re-light fireworks that have not fully functioned 

Never give fireworks to small children, even sparklers cause serious burns 

Be sure other people are out of range before lighting fireworks 

Never throw fireworks at another person, vehicle or animal 

Never carry fireworks in your pocket 

Never shoot fireworks in metal or glass containers 

Dispose of spent fireworks properly 

“The Office of Emergency Management and the Office of the Fire Marshal work year-round to keep our residents safe,” advised Commissioner Dan Christy, liaison to the Office of the Fire Marshal. “Pay close attention to your surroundings while lighting fireworks and sparklers, the more open the area is the safer it will be.”

If residents have any further questions about ordinances on fireworks, they should feel free to reach out to their local fire department or call the Office of the Fire Marshal at (856) 307-7912.

The Gloucester County Animal Shelter is advising residents to keep their pets safe during Fourth of July celebrations and firework displays.

“While fireworks may be fun for humans, they may not be as enjoyable to our pets,” Director Robert M. Damminger said. “Cats and dogs have heightened hearing and fireworks can seem like big, scary noises that they need to get away from.” 

The shelter advises dog and cat owners to keep them inside the house during firework displays. Every July 4th, pets that are not secured properly or being watched by their owners, break free in an effort to escape the noise of fireworks. As a result, many animals are lost or injured.

“Keeping your pets inside is helpful to keep them safe, but we do recommend getting their IDs and microchips updated,” Deputy Director Frank DiMarco, liaison to the shelter, said. “If they do get out, it will be much easier to help find your pets and eliminate the stress that comes with a lost pet. 

The GCAS also recommends keeping pets occupied while they are inside in order to distract from the sounds. Giving them a safe area to hide helps the animals feel safe while toys, like Kongs, that require a pet’s full attention to play with will help keep them distracted. Ambient noises from TVs or radios also help to mask the noise and help the animal feel comfortable during the display. 

If your pet does run away during July 4th festivities, please call Animal Control to assist in finding your pet at (856) 881-2828 ext. 2 and then press 1 for the non-emergency line. 

For more information, visit, visit the Gloucester County Animal Shelter Facebook page or call the shelter at (856) 881-2828.

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