GloCo Household Special Waste Collection To Take Place October 17

By: Follow South Jersey Staff

SWEDESBORO, N.J. — The Household Special Waste Collection Day for Gloucester County residents will take place Saturday, October 17 at the Gloucester County Road Department at 1200 N. Delsea Drive, in Clayton.

“Disposing of household waste improperly can affect an entire landfill or recycling plant,” Freeholder Director Robert M. Damminger said. “Improper disposal of waste can affect an entire truck of garbage. These collection days are the perfect time to clean out your attics and garages to properly dispose of these items.”

There have been special rules put in place to keep our employees and residents safe while dropping off their items. All residents must:

• Show your Driver’s License through closed window at check in

• Keep windows and doors closed at all times.

• Stay in your vehicle at ALL times.

• Place material in trunk, back of SUV, or truck bed. Workers will remove all items directly from your vehicle. Workers will NOT enter the main interior of your vehicle. Containers will NOT be returned.

• Anyone not following these rules will be asked to leave with their waste.

Freeholder Lyman Barnes said residents take advantage of the special collections because they have become more aware of the importance of proper waste disposal.

“Our residents have become educated recyclers and look forward to the HSW days so they can clean out their garages and get rid of their old paint, motor oil, batteries, pool chemicals and other materials they know shouldn’t go in the trash,” Barnes said.

Participation is limited to Gloucester County residents only. Commercial deliveries are prohibited, and materials will only be accepted at this location.

Accepted materials include oil paint, stains, motor oil, anti-freeze, solvents, fire extinguishers, lead acid and all rechargeable batteries, CFL bulbs, fluorescent tubes, ballasts, pesticides, kerosene, herbicides, cleaners, gasoline, turpentine, varnish, fertilizers, rat poisons, auto and floor care products, weed killers, lighter fluid, propane tanks, photo and pool chemicals. No latex paint or alkaline batteries will be accepted.

For more information on Household Special Waste, please call (856) 478-6045 or visit

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