The Annalisa Show — Gallery 50

Video and reporting by: Annalisa Ciro

BRIDGETON, N.J. — Gallery 50, a nonprofit art studio in downtown Bridgeton, hosted its first live art show since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic recently.

Although the nonprofit has adjusted to the pandemic by hosting virtual events, director Sharon Kiefer was very glad to host an in-person event — with safety measures like mask-wearing and social distancing in place, of course. The art exhibit features both photography and paintings, including work from “Catching the Seasons” artist Sheldon Strober.

“It feels wonderful. It’s great for the community to have the art gallery open again,” Kiefer said. “It gets people out and culture and seeing art. You can use your imagination — all the things that art gives a person are different for every person — and just to have something different from what you’re used to in the house.”

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