GloCo Division of Disability Services Offers Online Resources For Those In Recovery

By: Follow Local News Staff

WEST DEPTFORD, N.J. — The Gloucester County Division of Human and Disability Services are launching the Recovery Library, an online destination for people navigating their own recovery and people supporting others in their recovery journey.

“May being Mental Health Month is the perfect time to launch the Recovery Library for our residents,” Freeholder Director Robert M. Damminger said. “The library has over 3,000 multimedia resources that can help you work on your mental health, addiction recovery or general wellness.”

These resources include first person accounts of recovery, worksheets, calendars, and pre-designed group content. It is accessible on any internet-ready computer or mobile device.

It can be used by recovery partners, teams, and individuals to make informed treatment decisions, manage their disorders and make progress towards self-care and recovery.

Liaison to the Division of Human and Disability Freeholder Jim Jefferson said that the resources are not just for those working through recovery, but their friends and relatives as well.

“Whether you or someone you know is struggling with their recovery, the Recovery Library has the tools to help,” Jefferson said. “Recovery is a difficult, life long process for some. We want to help our residents reach their recovery goals and hope this service gets them one step closer to their best life.”

To access the library, people can go to and select Disability under the Departments and Agencies menu. There they can register for an access code and gain access to the library and all of its resources.