Getting The Most Out Of Your Workouts While Staying At Home

By: Krystina Gorman, special to Follow Local News

I first want to start by mentioning how grateful so many of us should be to be able to stay safe in our homes. Let us remember that even with our fitness centers temporarily closed, we ultimately have the choice to move our bodies, whether that’d be to move more or to move less.

Krystina Gorman

Through a time such as this pandemic, there is so much uncertainty, sadness and anxiety surrounding the mentioning of the virus. Keeping our minds engaged in productive activities such as a daily workout routine has more benefits than you could imagine! Staying or becoming fit and working on improving our health is not only going to build our immune system but enable an increase in our ability to produce antibodies to fight off bacterial infections and viruses. Exercising is also a great way to pass time if you are one of the many complaining of boredom!

Something I’ve put together that any level can take part in is this five-day total body workout broken down below.

Complete 3-5 rounds of the following depending on your fitness level, even if you break them up into smaller numbers at a time. Rest between repetitions as needed, and go at your own pace, but push yourself to get better each day. Quality of repetitions before anything! Don’t rush the exercises if your form is being sacrificed or sloppy.

20 full sit ups

20 jumping jacks

20 push ups

20 imaginary jump ropes

20 squats

Beginners: Complete 10 repetitions of each, 3 rounds total.

If you have access to weights of some sort (dumbbells, kettle bells, medicine balls, etc.), you can add more resistance to most of these exercises within the workout, or make them a little more challenging. For the push ups, for example, you can perform alternating medicine ball push ups to mix things up a bit. But the good news is, this workout can still be done with nothing other than your body!

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