Student Story: Dear Coronavirus — A Letter From A High School Senior

Commentary By: Layla McIntosh, Egg Harbor Township High School Communications Academy

Dear Coronavirus,

We were steps from turning the page into the second chapter of our lives, but now as young adults, we may never get closure from our first, and that is because of you. On March 16, 2020, many high school seniors walked out of the doors of their high schools not knowing if they would ever return. Spring sports, plays, senior trips, proms, and graduations have been cancelled since you have entered our lives, and those are moments that we have looked forward to our entire lives and now they have been ripped from the palms of our hands and we may never get those opportunities back. 

High school is supposed to be the best four years of your life, and now, as we watched it fly by, we may not get to watch it pan out the way it was supposed to and may have to click “enter” to walk across the stage to gain our diploma. The internet may joke about these situations, but it is no joke at all, this is real and we have lost memories that were supposed to last a lifetime. Coming out of this many of us are going to be lost going into the next chapter of our lives because the first never ended and everything is going to feel like a runon sentence. 

We feel helpless and your wrath is too strong for us to handle, so we now sit at home and finish our high school careers by staring into the abyss of a computer screen without seeing our friends and being blinded from the outside world. Now we know that when they say, “Don’t Blink,” they truly mean it because since you entered our lives we didn’t even get the chance to.


A High School Senior

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