Local Food Banks And Pantries In Need Of Donations

By: Follow Local News Staff

WOODBURY, N.J. — As the effects of the novel coronavirus spreads across the food industry, disruption of the food supply chain is evident to anyone who has recently visited grocery stores, and experts warn to expect even more.

As a result of the shortages, food banks and pantries are struggling to keep their shelves stocked due to the increase in demand for food. The Gloucester County Board of Chosen Freeholders wants to encourage our residents to donate to pantries across the county.

Freeholder Director Robert M. Damminger is asking anyone who had bought essential items in bulk to think about donating.

“There’s a lot of new demand for food banks and local food pantries right now and it’s important that we’re still serving the individuals who need to get food,” Damminger in a press release. “Many residents are stocking up on essential items for their homes. If you have any extra nonperishable items you consider donating that to our local food banks and pantries to help our vulnerable residents.”

The needs for nonperishable items include: dry/cooked cereal products; canned, powdered, or shelf-stable dairy; pudding mixes; protein products; peanut butter, jelly, dried beans, pastas, spaghetti (1lb.); rice, macaroni & cheese dinners; canned soups of all types.

A full list of food pantries are available on our website from our Division of Social Services. Visit https://bit.ly/3aaPr5l for the full list and the towns they serve in Gloucester County.

“We want everyone to utilize local food pantries if they need to. There’s no need to be ashamed as the system is set up to help people,” Freeholder Jim Jefferson, Liaison to the Division of Social Services, said.

If residents are in need of assistance and programs like Food Stamps, Medicaid, NJ Family Care, Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, Temporary Assistance to Needy Families, General Assistance, NJ Care of Kids or Kinship Navigator visit https://www.njhelps.org to check eligibility.

Anyone with questions about food banks and pantries in Gloucester County or any of the programs listed above, may contact the Gloucester County Division of Social Services at (856) 581-9200 or by visiting www.gloucestercountynj.gov.

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