Ask An Expert: What Questions Do You Have About the CARES Act?

By: Follow Local News Staff

(Image courtesy of Jay Redd.)

UPDATE 5/6/2020: You asked, Jay Redd answered. See our video interview with Redd and hear his answers to your CARES Act questions.

BRIDGETON, N.J. — The Senate recently passed a $2 trillion relief bill known as the CARES Act. There are seven groups who will see the biggest impacts from this bill: individuals, small businesses, large corporations, hospitals/public health, a federal safety net (Food Stamps/SNAP benefits, etc.), state and local governments, and education.

Follow Local News will be speaking with an expert next week to discuss the CARES Act and what it means for New Jersey businesses and individuals — and we want to know what questions YOU have before we speak with him.

The expert we’ll be speaking with is Jay Redd, a lawyer working for Gibbons P.C. from Trenton and Washington D.C. Redd has spent the past decade serving in roles at the highest levels of New Jersey government and lobbying on behalf of a diverse client base. He has a wealth of strategic public affairs experience on a wide range of policy issues and his longstanding relationships within government, insight into the legislative and executive processes, and deep understanding of the regulatory issues faced by businesses in the current economy give him insight into how this CARES Act will affect New Jerseyans overall.

Please email your questions about how the CARES Act will affect individuals, businesses, and organizations before April 13 to with the subject line: “CARES Act” to be included in our interview with Jay Redd next week.