Cumberland County Tops NJ Recycling Rankings for Seventh Year in a Row

MILLVILLE, N.J. — For the seventh consecutive year, Cumberland County leads the state of New Jersey in recycling.

Counties are ranked based on their “recycling rate,” which is the amount of material that is diverted from the solid waste stream, and for each county it is calculated through the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP). During 2017, Cumberland County diverted 59 percent of waste into recycling, well above the state mandate of 50 percent.

“Despite the current trends in recycling, the Cumberland County Improvement Authority stands behind recycling. It is very encouraging to see our county residents echoing that, which is apparent through our recycling rates,” said Tony Riviera, managing director of the Solid Waste Complex.

The Cumberland County Improvement Authority (CCIA) works diligently to encourage proper recycling through an outreach and educational program. Every year, the CCIA looks for new ways to connect with residents through print media, social media, billboards, radio advertisements, and outreach events.

Cumberland County Freeholder Deputy Director Darlene Barber said, “It is a testament to the efforts of the CCIA to raise awareness as well as the commitment of the people of Cumberland County to keeping the greenest part of the Garden State’s environment healthy.”

In addition to its environmental initiatives, the CCIA is responsible for the development, financing, and management of projects and programs most vital to sustaining the economic and environmental future of Cumberland County and the state of New Jersey. The CCIA works in tandem with the Cumberland County Board of Chosen Freeholders to foster greater economic growth, business development and quality of life for all Cumberland County residents.

The Cumberland County Freeholder Board is currently collaborating with the CCIA on projects it believes will increase energy efficiency and potentially reduce costs to taxpayers, including the construction of a new energy efficient correctional facility.

In describing the critical role the CCIA plays in Cumberland County’s progress, Freeholder Director Joseph Derella said, “Cumberland County’s leadership in recycling is only one example of how our partnership with the CCIA is creating a foundation for development that is both economically and environmentally sustainable.”