What’s Good – ‘Martin Luther King Jr. Day Outreach’

Video and reporting by: Isaiah Showell

BRIDGETON, N.J. — On Jan. 20, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, volunteers at Hopeloft held an event to give back to members of the community in honor of the late civil rights hero.

The event was helmed, in part, by Jamayra Castro. Serving at the AmeriCorps program director for United Advocacy Group, she explained that many of the items being packed into hygiene kits for people in need were donated by generous locals, while other items were purchased using donated funds.

Reverend Jamie Bagley, of Carll’s Corner Community Fellowship, was also in attendance and spoke about the context of the event and how it related to Martin Luther King Jr.’s vision for the world.

“The reason Martin Luther King’s dream was so powerful, is that Martin Luther King’s dream was [also] basically God’s dream. God has a dream that one day, all children will be able to sit down at a table of fellowship together — experience and share life together, enjoy one another — and that’s something I think that we can all gravitate to, and enjoy, and celebrate,” said Bagley.

The event concluded at Bethany Grace Community Church, where the hygiene kits were distributed by volunteers, including several AmeriCorps members. A free, home-cooked meal was also prepared for attendees in need.

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