RCSJ President Speaks About Historic Merger Between RCGC and Cumberland County College

SEWELL, N.J. — On July 1, 2019, Rowan College of Gloucester County and Cumberland County College merged to become Rowan College of South Jersey (RCSJ), which is the first regional, dual-campus college in New Jersey.

In a new interview recently released by RCSJ, President Frederick Keating spoke at length about the historic merger and the events that precipitated it and the goals of the new college, as well as the benefits it can offer students in our region — and how that can create a ripple effect that improves the whole state. By providing affordable educational opportunities for college students in New Jersey, we are able to keep more of the students who have been taught in our public schools from taking their talents elsewhere when they finish high school.

Rowan College of South Jersey’s Gloucester Campus. (Photo courtesy of Rowan College of South Jersey.)

“The merger, I think, was the right thing at the right time for both county governments. We never lost our focus on the student,” said Keating.

The unprecedented merger also has the potential to inspire other, similar mergers throughout the state — and possibly the country.

Keating continued, “Other counties now are looking at us, […] this is the way, I think, the whole county college sector is going to move nationally. More toward four-year partnerships. Because we can’t stand alone. We’re not strong enough at this time.”

Students enrolled at RCSJ can take advantage of a “3+1 Program” which allows them to transfer to Rowan University and receive their four-year degree while paying community college prices for the first three years of their education — a program that opens up pathways that might otherwise not be available for students who would have trouble paying full university prices or taking out loans to pay for school.