What’s Good – ‘Rowan University Prayer Walk’

Video and reporting by: Isaiah Showell

GLASSBORO, N.J. — According to Rowan University’s list of campus organizations, New Life Ministry is a Christian organization whose mission is “to create a community that promotes growth, understanding, and sustainability in [their] personal relationships with God to share with the world around [them] and to perform service to the students of Rowan University and surrounding communities, ministering through the use of programming, worship, fellowship, song, and dance.”

The organization hosted a prayer walk on Sunday, Dec. 15 that was open to the public.

Despite the holiday season being in full swing, this can often be a tough time of year for many — including college students who are taking their final exams. The goal of the prayer walk was to bring people together in the wake of three incidents of suicide that have occurred on Rowan University’s campus this semester.

Isaiah Showell spoke to some of the students in attendance, including the executive staff of New Life Ministry.