Local Author Holds Book Signing for ‘Some Bugs I Know’

By: Ahmad Graves-El

Kelly L. Miletta appeared at a book signing in Vineland to sign copies of her children’s book, Some Bugs I Know. (Photo courtesy of Kelly L. Miletta)

VINELAND, N.J. — A local resident who recently entered the world of authordom participated in her first book signing event earlier this month. Kelly L. Miletta, from Cedarville, held the event at The Spot at The Ave, in Vineland, to celebrate her first children’s book entitled, Some Bugs I Know.

“It’s a light-hearted easy rhyming story featuring various bugs,” says Miletta, who originally wrote the story for her son, Joey, 18 years ago.

“But it teaches a subtle lesson about how every bug is different. They all have their own talents just like little children. It teaches kids how to respect differences.”

The children’s book, which is Miletta’s first foray into the literary universe, was published in August.

“I believe children will enjoy my books because they are curious about animals, bugs, fish, and birds,” says Miletta. “They can enjoy learning about nature and how unique all creatures are.”

Miletta, who has designed signs at Print Signs and Designs in Bridgeton for 30 years, not only wrote Some Bugs I Know, but also created an educational, companion coloring book.

“The coloring book that comes with it […] features a couple of facts about each bug, so the coloring book is a […] learning and coloring book at the same time,” Miletta says. “What I really liked was the fact that not only could I write the story, but I could illustrate the book [simultaneously],” she continues. “A lot of people [either] write or illustrate, and I did both.”

Being artistic comes naturally to the first-time author.

“I’ve always been crafty,” Miletta reveals. “Lately, I’ve been painting [and] entering local contests with Gallery 50, Inc. I’m [also] getting ready to do something at the Millville Arts District, the Tile of the Town.”

Miletta received the Best in Show award for her tile painting titled, Lionfish, at the contest, held on Sunday, Nov. 16 at the Riverfront Renaissance Center for the Arts, in Millville. (Photo courtesy of Kelly L. Miletta)

As for the book signing, Miletta was pleased with the results. “It went well,” she says. “I think Linda sold most of the books that day. It was a nice event.”

“People were very receptive,” adds Linda Smith, owner of A Novel Idea Chapter II, and official hostess of the book signing. “The kids loved the free bugs they got.”

For those who purchase the children’s book and/or the coloring book, they receive a free toy insect, created by Miletta, inspired by some of the bugs she knows. And, although, “She really worked tirelessly putting [the book] together,” according to her husband Steve, Miletta is enjoying her moment.

Miletta explained that people come up to her and say, “Oh, you’re the girl with the bug book. I want a bug book!”

“That’s what I like to hear,” she says with a smile. “It feels pretty good.”

To purchase your own copies of Some Bugs I Know and the accompanying coloring book, visit amazon.com or A Novel Idea Chapter II at The Spot at The Ave on Landis Avenue in Vineland.