Fountain Installation Completes Final Phase Of Town Square

Photo credit: Glassboro Facebook page.

GLASSBORO, N.J. — Downtown Glassboro has had its first fountain installed in nearly 120 years.  The fountain, placed at the intersection of Academy and State streets, was put there before cars hit the road.  With the advent of the automobile, the fountain began facing dangers being hit by numerous cars, so after 21 years at the intersection, it was moved to South Academy Street. A few years later it mysteriously disappeared, never to be seen again.

The public fountain had a special significance in Glassboro’s past and during the summer of 2019 its long awaited replacement was installed in anticipation of Glassboro’s 100th Year Anniversary of incorporation scheduled for 2020. Glassboro was incorporated as a borough on March 18, 1920, replacing Glassboro Township.

The new triangular fountain features an advanced design with no standing water, 15 individual RGB light systems with the ability to create endless color combinations, and a jumping water feature. The fountain can be programmed to produce different light and water shows throughout the days and seasons.

The fountain will be on and performing a variety of functions during events, daytime during the lunch hour, and evening hours, and on an extended weekend schedule.

“The Town Square’s final features are a lasting example of the Borough’s effort to promote public spaces and events in partnership with NJDEP and Nexus Properties,” Mayor John Wallace III said. “Revitalized open spaces play a central role in Glassboro’s vision for a renewed downtown and the Town Square will serve as an oasis for workers, residents and tourists.”

Earlier this summer, the borough completed the building of new public restrooms which include two separate halls with five toilet receptacles and three wash sinks on each side and include fully ADA compliant facilities featuring complete accessible design. Fresh filtered drinking water is available through an exterior water fountain which encourages visitors to refill their reusable water bottles to help reduce single use plastics.

The building’s exterior facade will feature a painted mural which will reflect Glassboro’s cultural heritage and values including industry, manufacturing, arts, crafts, and the budding maker movement in South Jersey; nature and environmental preservation; the importance and presence of racial diversity; business and gender equality; the contributions of Italian Americans to the community; and a connection to higher education and Glassboro’s future.

“When we approached the design for the Town Square, we took creating a memorable experience to heart,” Council President George Cossabone, Sr. said. “These new features are not only great additions to the Downtown and the Arts & Entertainment District, but they also exceed the highest levels of safety and technology.”

Both of these new town square features will fit in nicely with the other amenities which include the Glassblower Statue, Veteran’s Memorial, Fireman’s Memorial Art Garden, fire pit, stage area, and rolling greens of grass all connected to a vibrant downtown with entertainment and dining options.

“We believe the fountain will be a beautiful new neighborhood landmark for those who live and work in the area,” Wallace III said.