Benefit Foundation Set Up By Family In Memory Of Lost Son

By: Sophia Abene, Follow South Jersey Intern

Photo left to right: Gino Giumarello Sr., Carmen Giumarello. June Giumarello, and Lucas Giumarello. Photo credit: Julia Caira.

MULLICA HILL, N.J. – Gino Giumarello is best known for being a son, a brother, and a friend. 

Gino Giumarello lost his life on October 10, 2021 at 23 years old. The Clearview High School graduate was attending University of Maryland. He was known for his love of politics, a good debate, playing chess, reading, music, art, and more more ways to challenge his creative mind. Gino Giumarello is survived by his parents Gino and June Giumarello, and his two brothers 

Lucas and Carmen Giuamarello. Together, they created a benefit foundation in his honor. 

On May 10, 2023, the community came together for their first G2 Benefit Foundation at Ella Harris Park in Mullica Hill. It is the first of many events for their nonprofit foundation that seeks to improve the community through youth projects and service, family and senior care. 

“Losing our son Gino left us feeling extremely helpless and lost,” June Giumarello, Gino’s mother, said. “There was nothing we could do to bring him back. We needed to feel like we were doing something to honor little Gino’s memory. Friends of ours also lost their son and started a foundation in his memory. We were inspired by all they have done in their son’s honor. We asked some of our friends for help and we came up with the G2 foundation. G2 was a nickname given to Gino when he was working at our business since his father is also Gino. The logo is a horse chess piece used in the place of a (number) two.”

June Giumarello gave insight that inspired this direction to honor Gino Giumarello and to carry on his legacy this way. 

“Little Gino was always reading and researching,” she said. “He also loved games of strategy, particularly chess. Gino was known for enjoying debate and discussions revolving around history and politics. He loved hanging out with his friends. He had two brothers to whom he was very close to. They were all born within three and a half years (of each other), so they shared a lot together. Gino was known for being kind and humble.” 

The family took a special direction for their foundation and is able to showcase Gino’s special personality, complexity, and unique characteristics. 

“Gino was particularly aware of social inequality,” Une Giumarello said. “When deciding on our foundation’s mission we knew we wanted to be able to give to those who weren’t so fortunate through scholarships and programs.”

More events are in the works for the near future. The turn out from the first event was overwhelmingly positive from the community and had the most amazing support from family, friends, and community coming together to honor the legacy of Gino. 

“The G2 Chess park dedication was the foundation’s first official event,” June Giumarello said. “The Chess park was donated through the generosity of friends, family and community. We officially started our fundraising at the event and will begin our goal of giving back.”

Future events and updates can be found through their social media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook, and their website.

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