What’s Good In South Jersey? First Time Home Buyers Seminar – With Isaiah Showell

By: Isaiah S. Showell, Follow South Jersey Multimedia Journalist/’What’s Good’ Host

Lisa Reed of Berkshire Hathaway giving presentation at the First Time Home Buyers seminar. Photo credit: Isaiah Showell.

WEST DEPTFORD, N.J. – RiverWinds Community Center hosted a First Time Home Buyers seminar hosted by Jamilah Damiani alongside Lisa Reed and Jazmyn Miller-Gibbs.

RiverWinds Community Center hosted a seminar for first time home buyers so they can recognize red flags and avoid mistakes on the biggest purchase of their lives. It’s What’s Good in South Jersey — with Isaiah Showell.

All three ladies are passionate about sharing information especially to first time home buyers about things to look out for during the process of looking and purchasing a home. Reed, of Berkshire Hathaway, emphasized an ethical code when serving as a realtor during her presentation; it’s a moral code of the utmost importance to her.

“I bought a home about ten years ago, and I did not have anyone to represent me, and it was a disaster!” said Reed. “This is the biggest purchase you’re going to make so make sure you get someone ethical and aligns with your values. When I get a first time home buyer, they know nothing, but, by the end, they spit back the knowledge I gave them.”

Jamilah Damiani, a Keller Williams representative, gives expert real estate advice to first time buyers. Photo credit: Isaiah Showell.

 Miller-Gibbs of Abode Above Interiors is the interior designer of the group, and her main objective was to inform the first time home buyers of red flags to avoid in a home from an interior designer’s perspective.

“Red flags are structural issues, major electrical or plumbing issues, and infestations,” Gibbs said. “Some pluses are a high ceiling and plentiful windows and a good structural base. “Things like these are all good pluses,” said Gibbs.

Jazmyn Miller-Gibbs, interior designer at Abode Above Interiors, presents to the attendees. Photo credit: Isaiah Showell.

Damiani, of Keller Williams, emphasized generational wealth when buying a home and encouraged people to start buying over renting. 

“We can’t leave an apartment to our children,” Damiiani said. “We leave homes to our children, that’s what we do.” 

The sponsors for the event were MAG Development, Anderson Living Group, Nation One Mortgage Corporation, Bold Inspections, and BlandaScaping. Jamilah Damiani, Lisa Reed, and  Jazmyn Miller-Gibbs are definitely What’s Good in South Jersey this week.

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