Double Nickel Brew Commemorates 100th Anniversary Of Cooper River Park

By: Follow South Jersey Staff

Boathouse at Cooper River Park.

PENNSAUKEN, N.J. — Double Nickel Brewing Company of Pennsauken Township will be creating a special commemorative beer as part of the 100th Anniversary of Cooper River Park celebration.

The Cooper River Park 100 Years brew, which will be brewed by the Commissioners and staff of the brewery, is a clear light pilsner with an undertone of lemon. The beer will be launched right before the summer season on Thursday, May 11 at the Dad Vail Welcome Kick Off Event at the Boathouse. The summer seasonal, which is a collaborative effort with the help of the Commissioners, will also be available at bars and liquor stores throughout the region. 

Cooper River Park 100 Anniversary pilsner. Photo credit: Camden County.

“Cooper River Park has been a staple here in Camden County for decades and its history deserves to be recognized and celebrated,” Commissioner Director Louis Cappelli Jr., said in a press release from Camden County. “We are constantly developing the park to include even more amenities to cater to all walks of life here in Camden County. Thousands of visitors frequent the park every single day to run, bike and take in the scenic beauty and we cannot imagine our community without the gem that is Cooper River Park.”

The Cooper River was a river-based thoroughfare used for mills and the transport of goods during the 19th century. During this time Camden County and the city were a growing hot spot for industry during the Industrial Revolution. In 1923, Charles Leavitt, Jr., was hired by the county to develop a public park system and thus, the Cooper River Park began to take shape.

“Cooper River Park is a place that resonates with so many people in this area. If you grew up in Camden County, you more than likely spent a lot of time at Cooper River Park,” Brian Needham, co-founder of Double Nickel, said. “Because this is such an iconic location that is reaching such a momentous milestone, we couldn’t think of a better way to commemorate that than with a limited-edition beer that will be unveiled at one of the biggest events of the season.”

Today, Cooper River Park is approximately 346.55 acres and runs through Pennsauken, Cherry Hill, Collingswood and Haddon Township. The park is bounded by North and South Park Drives, Route 130 and Grove Street. The park is home to a variety of passive and active recreational activities and is a national and international competitive rowing venue. In May, the 84th Annual Jefferson Dad Vail Regatta will be held on the Cooper River, moving from its typical venue at the Schuylkill River National Racecourse.

“The future of Cooper River Park is bright, and we encourage all of our residents to continue utilizing this special green space here in our community,” Cappelli said.

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