CASA CGS Congratulates February Advocate Of The Month Betty Ann Cassidy

By: Follow South Jersey Staff

Photo credit: CASA CGS.

BRIDGETON, N.J. — After dedicating 35 years to educating and helping to shape the lives of children, Betty Ann, a retired special education teacher, decided to further that journey and followed her desire to support children in the community by becoming a CASA advocate in August 2021. Even though she retired from teaching, Betty Ann continued to have a passion for helping youth, and with her background in special education, she held something unique to aid her in the role of serving as a CASA advocate.

Traveler, Encourager, Retired Educator, and CASA of CGS Volunteer Advocate of the Month Betty Ann Cassidy. Photo credit: CASA CGS.

Since joining the team, Betty Ann has encouraged and advocated for three children. She has empowered the CASA of CGS team and shows each of us daily how important the details are for the children we serve. Details make all of the difference in filling in the gaps and making sure each child knows how truly unique and important they are.

“Working with Betty Ann has been nothing short from heartwarming! Her constant focus on her CASA kids, down to the detail of sending them personalized mail because she knows they enjoy getting it, always puts a smile on everyone’s face. From starting her CASA journey to watching her expand her horizons from younger kids to older kids, Betty Ann shows the heart of CASA every time. Thank you Betty Ann for your continued love and dedication to the CASA role!,” Gloucester County Coordinator, Beatriz Rodriguez shares of the love she has felt while working with Betty Ann.

Betty Ann says, “CASA is a very rewarding and educational experience; I enjoy seeing how the program helps the children I serve. A little bit of extra work from me could mean the world for a child.”

Through each moment of her walk with our CASA program, Betty Ann has dedicated every resource available to ensure the children have the things they need, while also providing each of the children with an unwavering, caring adult standing beside them, encouraging them to understand just how valuable they are to the world.

Cumberland County Coordinator, Vivian Salmon, glows when sharing her experience of working with Betty Ann, “Whether she’s supporting little ones or young adults, Betty Ann simply rises to the occasion. Challenging circumstances like a taciturn young adult do not deter her. Betty Ann always finds a way to stay connected with her boundless persistence and patience.”

Betty Ann loves to travel, and along with her adventure as a community superhero, she has also embarked on a trip to Greece, with her next stop in Switzerland! Our program is grateful to be a part of her journey and the impact she leaves on the lives of children in foster care will be felt for years to come.

Part of a nationwide network of CASA/GAL programs, CASA of CGS trains volunteers to advocate on behalf of the best interests of children who have experienced abuse or neglect throughout Cumberland, Gloucester, and Salem counties. While on a case, CASA volunteers advocate for the child they represent in every facet of their life and make recommendations to the court regarding the child’s best interests.

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