What’s Good South Jersey? Men Unleashed!

By: Isaiah Showell, Follow South Jersey Multimedia Journalist/’What’s Good’ Host

From Boys to Men event at the Alms Center in Bridgeton. Photo credit: Isaiah Showell.

BRIDGETON, N.J. — Indigenous Peoples Day is a holiday where most people take off, but not if you’re John Fuqua founder of Life Worth Living Non-Profit. Instead of taking the day off, you’re hosting an event for young men to receive guidance from older men that have years of experience in their professions.

The Alms Center in Bridgeton opened their doors for Fuqua to host his Third Annual From Boys to Men event, and the talking points were all about being dominate in athletics and inside the classroom.

From Boys to Men event unleashes powerful role models. It’s What’s Good in South Jersey — with Isaiah Showell.

“The one thing the young people have in common is that there are student and they need to keep growing and learning,” said Fuqua. “The purpose of today is we want our kids to be better students, we want them to perform well on the field as well as in the classroom because it takes precedents that why the word student is before athlete.”

Assistant Principal and Athletic Director Anwar Golden of Penns Grove High School addressed the youth telling them the importance of self-identity.

“There’s isn’t anything like knowing who you are and when you know who you are you know what you’re capable of,” said Golden. “Quit is not an option because you know who you are and you know where you come from.”

Sgt. Keristan Lowe of the Bridgeton Police Department also addressed the students talking to them about the importance of faith, especially when you’re on the road to conquering your academic goals.

“One thing that I hope the kids always remember is to always put God first anything they do,” said Keristan. “Even if they make a mistake or if they fall down they must continue to try to remain focused on where they’re trying to get to.”

Kelvin Underwood, a junior at Bridgeton High School, was in attendance at this event and saw the men who spoke as great examples for him to follow in life.

“A lot of kids growing up in this town they don’t really have father figures, so whenever I have a question, I go to one of them because I look at them as father figures,” said Underwood. “There’s going to be life problems and the environment you grow up in affects you so much and when I’m faced with a problem I think about what they would do if put in the same situation.”

Next year will be the fourth annual From Boys to Men event, and, by that time, this event will be even bigger than the previous year.

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