Cumberland County Commissioners Approve Interim Jail Operations Director

By: Reney Waters, Follow South Jersey News Reporting Intern

CUMBERLAND COUNTY, N.J. — Twenty-five year retired New Jersey State Police Captain Stanley B. Field has been approved unanimously by the Cumberland County Board of Commissioners to serve as Interim Jails Operations Director for the county jail.

There is currently a search for a new warden for the facility, according to Commissioners are seeking expertise in changing correctional landscapes, managing transportations, and can video conference resources that shared correctional facilities require.

“Despite the repeated legal attempts to derail our plan to save our taxpayers $8 to $10 million the first year and millions thereafter by outsourcing correctional services to Atlantic County and other surrounding counties,” Commissioner Joseph Derella said.

Seen as to be more than an outstanding candidate, Fields set the bar high by actively representing Cumberland County by pertaining to information security, disseminating security alerts, maintaining security information documentation, assisting with information security audits of hardware and procedures, and maintaining appropriate communication with personnel.

“We believe that Stan Field’s integrity and professionalism will establish the foundation for a very effective transition as we search for the right candidate to lead the Cumberland County Department of Corrections,” Derella said.

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