What’s Good — Millville Edutainment Center Persists Despite Building Fire

By: Isaiah Showell, Follow South Jersey Multimedia Journalist/’What’s Good’ Host

MILLVILLE, N.J. — On the night of August 21, the Millville Edutainment Center caught on fire due to a suspected fire bomb. Though the fire is still under investigation and there is no confirmed cause at this time, Edutainment Center CEO Kelly Collins’ vision for a better community was unfazed by the fire.

According to Collins, the vision of the Millville Edutainment Center is to build communication and love within the community. The center helps local youth learn skills about podcasting, becoming a DJ, and entrepreneurship, among others.

In the aftermath of the fire, Collins’ network, which includes other community leaders from around Millville, came together to offer their support. Although the Edutainment Center will remain closed while the fire is investigated by local authorities, the group unanimously decided to keep pushing forward with their mission, no matter what obstacles or challenges come their way.

“I was upset that night, but then I had some time to rest, pray, and meditate on what’s going on,” Marty Brown, executive director of Iron Sharpens Iron, which is based in the same building as the Edutainment Center, said. “And the bigger picture is showing me that this is just a mere stepping stone that’s going to launch us into something really, really great. I’m excited. I’m not even deterred in the least bit.”

“We know this is not going to stop us. We’re still going to keep going because of what we do and who we are as people,” Kerry Rodgers Jr., an Edutainment Center staffer, added. “We are people of God, and we know everything that happens is not going to put you behind for long.”

One local leader who showed his support for the Edutainment Center was Cainaan “No Nonsense” Cooper, who is the CEO of Morethenmuzik. The incident made Cooper question whether or not he wanted to work in outreach, but he quickly concluded that he wants to persist.

“I love the people, I love what we’re doing here. We’re not going to stop,” Cooper said.