April Is Alcohol Prevention Month

By: Follow South Jersey Staff

GLOUCESTER TOWNSHIP, N.J. — On average, approximately 95,000 Americans die from alcohol-related causes each year, and of those, about 10,000 are killed each year in drunk driving crashes, further, according to the National Institute of Health’s 2020 Monitoring the Future Survey, 55.3% of high school seniors used alcohol in the past year. 

In Camden County alone roughly 2,500 residents are convicted for driving under the influence (DUI) annually. Nationwide, alcohol is the third leading preventable cause of death.

During the month of April, officials in Camden County and throughout the country are highlighting these and other important statistics as part of Alcohol Awareness Month, an initiative running through April to raise public awareness of underage drinking and driving, as well as the effects of alcohol use disorder which impacts an estimated 15 million adults across the United States.

“Studies show that kids who have conversations with their parents about the dangers of drugs and alcohol are significantly less likely to use those substances than their peers,” County Commissioner Director Louis Cappelli, Jr., liaison to the Office of Mental Health and Addiction, said. “These conversations can save lives and dramatically reduce the number of adolescents who are harmed by drugs and alcohol. Children who understand the effects of dangerous substances are far more likely to avoid underage or illegal consumption.”

Established in 1987, the National Council for Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD) sponsors Alcohol Awareness Month each April to increase awareness and understanding of the causes and treatment of alcoholism and to help communities focus on spreading awareness and reducing the stigma associated with alcohol addiction.

Partners in Prevention, an organization whose mission is to “improve wellness and prevent substance use disorders and related health challenges in New Jersey,” offers an awareness toolkit with alcohol related fact sheets, community resources, as well as activities. The toolkit can be downloaded for free here.

The Camden County Board of Commissioners, along with the Camden County Addiction Awareness Task Force (CCAATF) and countless other organizations and individuals, are working to bring attention to addiction, wherever it occurs. More information, as well as additional resources, can be found by visiting www.CamdenCounty.com.

If you or someone you know needs help for any substance use disorder, please contact (866) 266-8222 (24/7) or the Office of Mental Health & Addiction at (856) 374-6361.

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