Downe Township Awarded $4.49 Million Grant for Fortescue and Gandy’s Beach Sewer Project

DOWNE TOWNSHIP, N.J. — Downe Township has been awarded an additional $4.49 million of funding to construct a new sewer system that will serve Fortescue and Gandy’s Beach.

The additional funding will be given through the United States Department of Agriculture to create a sewer treatment plant in Fortescue. Construction will start in 2020.

“The US Department of Agriculture, the State and the Cumberland County Board of Chosen Freeholders have been tremendous partners on this project,” Downe Township Mayor Bob Campbell said. “This project has been planned for decades and most people thought it would never happen.”

According to a press release, the plant “will enhance the quality of Downe Township’s waterways, protects the health of its oyster beds and aquatic life, and allows for the redevelopment and revitalization of Fortescue, the Township’s historic coastal center.”

The two-phase project will cost $15.85 million in total, Phase One will start with the Fortescue System which includes the sewer treatment plant and is estimated to cost $11.33 million. Phase Two will serve Gandy’s Beach and cost $4.52 million.

“The bayshore area is a beautiful, environmentally sensitive area and this system will allow homeowners to abandon old septic systems for a modern sewer system,” Campbell said.

Since the Township could not fund the sewer system itself, a Memorandum of Agreement was executed by New Jersey, Cumberland County, and the Township to get the plant built.