CamCo Prosecutor’s Office Warns Of Tax Scam

By: Follow South Jersey Staff

CAMDEN, N.J. — An active scam that threatens seizure of property for nonpayment of taxes is happening throughout the county, according the the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office.

A fake agency called “Tax Assessment Securities” is falsely claiming to be associated with the Camden County Board of Taxation and or the State of New Jersey and is sending residents fraudulent notices of tax debt to scam them into paying money that is not actually owed.

These fraudulent notices of tax debt read “DISTRAINT WARRANT Tax Assessment Securities Public Judgment Records” and state that “SEIZURE OR FORFEITURE MAY BE IMMINENT DUE TO NON-PAYMENT OF TAXES.”

These letters are a scam and are not official notices from the Camden County Board of Taxation and or the State of New Jersey.

“Please remain vigilant to this scam and remember to always verify the legitimacy of a tax notice by contacting the Board of Taxation directly,” said Commissioner Director Louis Cappelli Jr. “Also, make sure your friends and family are informed about this scam to prevent anyone from giving out their personal tax information to the wrong people.”

The notice states that it is being issued “due to non-payment of a seriously delinquent tax payment.” It adds that the state may seize “Social Security benefits, garnish wages and bank accounts to satisfy the outstanding debt owed.” Further, it says that if no action from the taxpayer has taken place by April 8, “the State of New Jersey may revoke benefits, suspend licenses, and levy or offset any tax refund gained this year.”

The toll-free number included in these notices are also fraudulent and should not be utilized.

Any Camden County resident who receives a tax scam notice is asked to report it to the Camden County Board of Taxation. The Camden County Board of Taxation can be contacted directly via phone at (856) 225-5238 or directly via email at

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