Student Story: Audiences Get Hitched At Lindenwold High School’s Production of ‘The Wedding Singer’

By: Lorena Saavedra, Holy Spirit High School, Absecon

Lindenwold High School students performing a number in their production of “The Wedding Singer.” Photo credit: Lindenwold High School Facebook page.

LINDENWOLD, N.J. — Lindenwold High School brings it back to the 80s with their hilarious and upbeat production of “The Wedding Singer.”

Originally a 1998 film starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, the 2006 Broadway show “The Wedding Singer” is a musical with lyrics by Chad Beguelin, music by Matthew Sklar, and book by Chad Beguelin and Tim Herlihy. The musical was nominated for five Tony Awards and eight Drama Desk Awards. This show is about the most popular wedding singer in New Jersey, Robbie Hart, until one day he is left at the altar by his girlfriend Linda, and his passion for love fades away. The spark for love reignites when he meets waitress Julia Sullivan while singing for weddings. Unfortunately, Julia is engaged to a rich businessman, Glen Guglia, but will Robbie do everything in his power to win her over?

Everything about this musical made it feel as though it was truly the 80s again. The set, the costumes, and the lighting perfectly captured the yellow, pink, blue, and green theme of the show and time period. All the props used in the show were of the era and helped add the feeling of being transported back in time.

Robbie Hart is a funny, charming, and determined character, and David Bonilla-Mendoza brought all that and more to the stage. David’s ability to entice the audience with his facial expressions and energetic dance moves is like no other. In songs like “Casualty of Love” and “Grow Old With You,” he fully captured all of Robbie’s emotions from being dumped, to deeply in love. The sweet and hopeful waitress Julia Sullivan was played by Aryana Cruz, and her energy and presence filled the auditorium. The power in her voice shown through in songs like “Someday (Reprise)” and “If I Told You.”

Robbie Hart wouldn’t be a wedding singer if it wasn’t for his bandmates and sidekicks, Sammy, played by Stephen Creitz, and George, played by Michael Gomez-Cruz. The two filled the audience with laughter as they delivered clever zingers, and performed comical numbers such as “George’s Prayer” and “Single.” Karina Moreno, who played Holly, brought the straightforward and confident best friend of Julia to life. Her strong voice came through in the song “Saturday Night in the City,” which was filled with amazing costumes, vocals, and dancing.

The incredible 80’s themed costumes were done by Lindenwold High School’s Theatre Production class. Every single character, lead or ensemble, had costumes with intricate details that made each outfit unique. With the bright-colored bracelets and leg warmers, the denim jacket and vest looks, and the t-shirts with popular bands from that time period, Lindenwold sent the audience through a time portal right back to the 1980s!

Lindenwold High School gave the audience a comical and enjoyable performance as they traveled through time in their production of “The Wedding Singer.”

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